Friday, July 31, 2015

Monitoring and ensuring growth of favorite contractors, Maharastra Chikki Scam part 8

Growth monitoring machine used to weigh malnourished children. Two contractors, Sai High tech Products and Nitiraj Engineers, were awarded the contract at a cost of Rs 6 crore and Rs 18 crore, respectively. Two separate orders were issued in that regard.

Interestingly in a communication dated 4/2/2015 of commissioner WCD with principle secretary wrote that department need to procure 7853 weighing machines costing 6,92,63,460/-. Interestingly in this letter only Sai Hi techs letter dated 6/11/2014 was   mentioned. (Anne 48) There was no communication from Nitiraj industries. Even then WCD minister allotted work within sai hi tech and Nitiraj Industries .The contract was divided equally i.e per contractor Rs 3.46 crore rupees on 13 february 2015.( Anne 48A)

Photo courtsey , downtoearth.org

Suddenly on 10/2/2015 Commissioner realized that department need more 20,729 machines of same specification. What prompted WCD commissioner demand such a huge amount of machines not known. But something happened in between 4 February to 10 February and interestingly in this letter also there was no any communication from nitiraj industries (Anne49) .Even Minister issued one more order on 13 February 2015 once again distributing 18.37 crore contract distributing sai and nitiraj equally. (Anne -49A)

Photo Courtsey http://www.bbc.com

There was no demand from Nitiraj  But Minister awarded it them without even asking for it .To award these contracts rate contracts of Chennai were considered. No tenders were called .No need of procurement was considered.

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