Monday, July 27, 2015

Ayurvedic biscuits that provided energy to corrupt politicians, Maharashtra Chikki Scam Part 3

Pankaja munde on 12 February  2015 citing same reasons as in chikki , ordered purchases of ayurvedic biscuits worth 95, 51,124/  (Anne 23 ) .But very next day  it was increased to 5 crores  without any changes in number of beneficiaries (Anne 23 A). When order was passed not competitive bids were invited, rate contract with company was not in force,(As per GR dated 28 July 2011 rate contract was applicable till 27 July 2014). ( Anne -22  ) nor company had its own production unit. Even company didn’t have FSSAI license for any of its products. Company had applied for that but the file was closed for lack of some compliance from applicant ( Anne 24 ). Company do not have production unit .

Malnutrition in jawhar , photo courtsy Frontline 
All other facts of this biscuits werr the same as chikki Company, i.e  there was no answer to the questions like,Which dietitian or doctor recommended it? Was impact of eating Ayurvedic Biscuits on malnourished children studied ?. However interesting part of the story is company never introduce Ayurvedic biscuits in open market. What does that mean ? After contract was awarded  to Gowardhan company put   fssai license number on biscuit packets but that  license number was actually of milk product and not of  the biscuits.( 24 A)
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It was claimed that rate contract of providing ayurvedic biscuits was done by inviting e-tenders to Gowardhan Ayur Farma Pvt ltd. But company claims that they have applied for patent of this product . Then how tenders were invited and who else other participate in that process? .Documents of tendering process are not available. company hasn’t introduced this product in market, but providing it as Supplementary nutrition to malnourished children through  Government.

GR issued on 28 July 2011 on rate contract shows that tenders were invited from mahila mandals, mahila bachat gat, women partnership firms and industries run by women. This firm is run by three women and doesn’t have own manufacturing unit. Obviously outsources work to other companies and is clear violation of Supreme Court directives.
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Minister did  it on possibility of  extension  to earlier Rate contract.( Anne -23 ). In same order i.e. Of 13 February it is mentioned that extension to Rate contract has been given on 13 February itself. But who gave extension was not mentioned. Because giving such extension is illegal and the authority to this is industry department. And work cannot be a given to a company that do not have a license to produce that product .

Company has mentioned three manufacturing units on their  packets . 1) Gowardhan ayur Farma Pvt Ltd , Gat No 432 A, property no 1304, Induri, tal – maval , dist – Pune. , But there is no such factory. The land is vacant .2) Srujan foods private ltd, , Plot No D 8 , Chincholi , solapur, But this company to some other  persons  3) Uttara foods and feed pvt ltd. Ranjangaon , Tal – shirur Dist – Pune , This company belongs to venky’s

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In this case also Pnkaja Munde has to answer so many embarrassing question ?

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