Monday, July 27, 2015

Water Filters that couldn’t quench contractors’ thirst – Maharashtra Chikki Scam Part 4

The haste shown in by all the concerned offices in procurement of water filter cum purifiers raises so many questions. Officers of Women and Child Department and industry department went out of the way so that Everest industries get the contract. Interestingly Everest Industries who has been eligible for supply of Water Purifiers this year, Industry departmet had last year made eligible for supply of Plastic mats ( Anne -39A). It shows that contractor is well acquainted with “procedure” of WCD and Industry department.

Water purifiers .Photo courtsy defendersblog.org

On Saturday 7 the February 2015 industry department sent a letter (SPC/RCT/Water Filter cum Purifier /03/2014-2015 C -883 dated 7 February 2013 )  to Everest industries, gangapur , Aurangabad, 350 kilometer away from Mumbai by R.P.A.D  to sign a rate contract. (Anne -39) ,  8th was Sunday. Its amazing but Everest Industries received said letter before   February 9th . On same day they reached Mumbai and submitted proposal to principal secretary to buy the water filters cum purifiers. First they submitted proposal and then signed Rate contract on 12th February. ( Anne -40 ).

Principal secretary WCD , next day i.e 10th February put his remarks “examine and put up” on letter received by Everest industry  on  9th and  sent it to commissioner WCD at navi Mumbai.On 12th Rate contract was signed and same day Industry department issued order to that effect and sent it to Commissioner WCD  Navi Mumbai .On 13 February commissioner WCD wrote back to  principle secretary to purchase water filters at the rate of 4500/ (Anne 40) and on same day minister approved proposal at the rate of 5200/- per water filter 700 rupees extra per filter Total cost 2,63,45,481. (Anne -41).

Is it interesting that Commissioner WCD, Principal secretary WCD and minister decided necessity , quantity and quality of water filters and amount be allocated to Everest Industry on same day i.e 13th february.

On a letter issued by commissioner WCD on 13th february  letter no is written is written SPC/RCT/Water Filter cum Purifier /03/2014-2015 C -974 dated 12/2/2015 . But the proposal passed by minister quotes industry department  letter no  SPC/RCT/Water Filter cum Purifier /03/2014-2015 C -883 dated 7 February 2013 . i.e letter sent by industry department to Everest industries. That means industry department had sent letter of signing the Rate Contract simultaneously to Everest Industries and WCD department also?

Tenders were invited by industry department for Water Filter cum Purifier from Manufacturers only for fixing Annual Rate Contract  (Anne -42 ) later through a corrigendum words “ authorized distributors” were inserted. ( Anne - 43 ) . It seems that Industry department didn’t open the tenders till Everest Industries deal with WCD was finalized.

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