Thursday, July 30, 2015

Steel plates made in ghost factory, Maharashtra Chikki Scam Part 7

It seems that scammers and their supporters in Infamous Maharashtra chikki scam are damn sure about the out come of all the drama that was  going on in Maharashtra since last two months. Otherwise director general of supplies and disposals (DGS&D ) would not have signed a fresh Rate contract with a dubious manufacturer of steel plates with enhanced items and quantity of manufacturing .( Anne – 67)

The Maharashtra chikki scam was first unearthed in some time first week of June 2015. Several malpractices came to light in procurement of chikki, biscuits, steel plates, water filters, plastic mats and so on. Many of the units who were awarded work did’t exist at all or were closed.

Vaidya Industries was one of such units. After scam was unearthed media brought to light the facts that Vaidya  industries was actually fabrication unit , was closed long back and didn’t have capacity or machinery to manufacture steel plates. Media also published visuals of this unit. After that government issued notices to the company as it failed to supply the items.

However interestingly DGS&D signed a fresh rate contract on 13 July , 2015 with same Vaidya  industries . And also amended it on 27th july ( Anne -67 A) With enhanced capacity of manufacturing Stainless Steel Parats, Spoons, Containers, Pona ,Masala Boxes, Serving Spoons, jugs , mugs, Stainless Steel Buckets, Thalis, Tumbler, Fry Pans and tea strainers etc. Now how dgs&d found a closed fabrication unit eligible of manufacturing all these items is an open secret. That means some government organization is in process of procuring these items.

Order of 8, 93,330 Steel plates of Rs 9,55,86, 310 was issued on 13 February 2015 by woman and child development department of Maharashtra. The reasoning given to procure steel plates is heart touching and convincing. WCD commissioner in his letter to principal secretary written on 13 February 2013 says ‘hot food is provided to 3-6 years inmates in anganwadis . Children are supposed to eat this food in anganwadis itself. Hence these children need steel plates. Otherwise these children bring utensils from their homes. Then they take food to their homes. As well they don’t keep these utensils clean. Hence they should be provided steel plates in anganawadi it self”.

Accordingly purchase order of about eight and half lakh steel plates was issued on 13 February 2015. Ignoring ceiling on purchase on rate contract, as well Capacity and actual business of manufacture (Anne – 38) .If at all provided so called manufacture of steel plates will take at least 2 years as accepted in order dated 13 February 2015 Rate was also offered higher than the agreed in rate contract.( As per RC rate was 93.05 rupees/ plate but offered was 107 /plate) ( Anne -38A) And as the manufacture has stopped supply of steel plates the anganawadi children are now bound to eat in their dirty home brought plates. Now please don’t blame ministers or officers for this mess.  In this case what a minister or senior officers can do ?. They awarded a contract violating all the norms and procedure for sake children’s health only. Now if contractor was found dubious then what was their fault? Was it ministers or officers duty to verify contractor’s credentials?. 

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