Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Henceforth you will not get property space less than promised by builders

Henceforth government of Maharashtra has made it compulsory for builders to obtain a certificate from legal metrology department regarding measurements of flats. Without this certificate sale deed will not be registered. This has been done taking into consideration complaints of buyers that some builders provide lesser space than promised in the sale agreement.

Also henceforth the properties will be measured in square meters rather than square feet. It was always difficult for flat buyers to understand and prove that he has received space less than promised and had to depend upon architect’s version who usually is builder’s man.Normaly buyers are not aware about how to calculate the area of his flat. Then forget about complaining about it.

There are always several complaints against builders such as deficiency in service, improper amenities, lift not working, ceiling leakage, improper drainage system, and incomplete fire safety system, low quality wiring, improper water provisions, not providing the occupation certificate etc. and lesser space than promised was also one of them. But government has always failed to impose some regulation this sector.

There are several options before flat buyers if feels of deceiving like filling civil suit in a Civil Court, complaint before the consumer Forum, approaching appropriate authorities or
Filing Criminal Case. However proving his case is always a task for flat buyers. But at least now in case of area less than promised he has some hope.