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DSKDL public Limited Company or Criminal Enterprise?

Do you remember a song ‘Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisko Thaga Nahi’ from hindi movie  ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ starred by Amitabh, Abhishek bacchan  and Rani Mukharjee ?

Adopting the names of 'Bunty' and 'Babli', , Abhishek  and Rani successfully pull off con after con, looting people dressed as local guides, religious priests, health inspectors, business partners, etc.

The reason behind remembering Bunty and Babli was, after my last post lot of people called, some emailed and some met personally and shared their experiences with me about D.S Kulkarni ( DSK) and his so called empire.

DSK officially formed D.S.Kulkarni developers limited ( DSKDL) in 1991. However what was not there in DSKDL?

There were forged signatures, murky deals, shell firms, money siphoning, duel identities, conspiracy and everything that needed to con investors, banks and government authorities.

 Only the thing that was not there was professional attitude!

Then how did DSKDL survived so many years?

The Reason is simple.

DSK is best actor, has fantastic oratory skills and ability to manage everybody with power of money.
On this capital he built good image in the society.

The relatives and staff who realised consequences of association with DSKDL left it immediately. Others either became party to his actions or remained mute spectators

DSKDL’s activities may be divided in two parts pre and post 2006 ie. Pre public issue

Pre public issue and after becoming public limited company they formed lot of private limited companies and partnership firms.

Money Siphoning

These companies were mostly dominated by Hemanti  Nilakanth Phadke ( HNP) and her two sisters, Anuradha Purandare and Vaijayanti Mudgal .

They managed to siphon of DSKDL’s crores of rupees to these firms successfully.

In may last post we saw how they DSKDL paid crores of rupees to D.S.K and company for mere consent for land deals.

Another way of direct money siphoning was, they use to purchase land in the name of DSK’s relatives and later on DSKDL would purchase it from him/her.

And then they use to withdraw amount paid to that relative by DSKDL

However that didn’t come to light because DSK successfully managed to reshuffle the funds and due to DSK’s image funds were literally pouring in DSKDL.

Shell Companies

Then they started taking Fixed Deposits (FD) for the companies that were not allowed to take FDs by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) .

These companies were DSK and Sons, D.S.kulkarni and brothers,  D.S.Kulkarni and associates , DSK  Enterprises, DSK & Asso, DSK constructions, etc. 

Investors and FD holders were not even aware that they were investing in the companies who have no business in reality and exist only on paper. These all were partnership firms.

The success in money siphoning business led them to go for public Issue.

Misleading Information + Dual Identities

Hemanti Nilkanth Phadke changed her name to Hemanti Deepak Kulkarni in 1989

The information provided in offer brochure of public issue itself raises doubts about very intentions of the promoters.

Along with DSK his then wife Jyoti Kulkarni and Hemanti Phadke  were promoters of public issue.
However they didnt mention that HNP and Hemanti Deepak Kulkarni were the same person.

And in same document in financial information of the group companies, HDK’s name appears as a partner in partnership firms Amit & company and Gharkul .HNP’s name appears in many other companies.

What was the intention behind showing same persons different identities in offer document?

HNP was an employee in DSk’s firm. She changed her name from Hemanti Nilkanth Phadke (HNP) to Hemanti Deepak Kulkarni (HDK) in 1989. DSKDL was incorporated in 1991.

However she kept her both the identities alive in transactions of DSKDL .She was holding shares in both the names. The reason behind that only her or DSK can tell.

Forged Signatures

In 2001 Hemanti Phadke and Sanjay Deshpande signed on this share

In DSKDL forging signatures was not a serious affair. 

The share certificate issued in 2001 is signe by Sanjay Deshpande ( DSK’s son in law)   as authorized signatory.
when the same share certificate was reissued for some reason,  once again Sanjay Deshpande’s signature appears there.

However Sanjay Deshpande had left DSKDL in 2004.

Then who forged his signatures?

Nobody other than autorised signatories of DSKDL could forge Sanjay Deshpande”s signatures because they were the only other signatories on the share certificate and they were aware that Deshpande was not in the company during that period.

In my earlier post on DSKDL Sanjay Deshpande has commented that “Vijay Da, I read ur blog link, left DSK in 2004 & sure hasn’t signed anything after 2006!”

On same share certificate in 2001 HDK alias HNP has singed as Hemanti Phadke while in 2012 she has signed as Hemanti Kulkarni.

She was a minority share holder as Hemanti Phadke and Hemanti kulkarni as authorised signatory of DSKDL at the same time. 

In 2012 hemanti signed as kulkarni and sanjay deshpande signe is ther when he had left DSKDL in 2004

Conflict of Interest

DSK has formed dozens of personal companies as other than DSKDL just for the purpose of taking Fixed Deposits!

These companies don't have any business activity going on other than raising FDs! 

All these companies are in the same competing business and all the transactions are done by the same woman (HNP/HDK)  in all these companies. 

Basically she controls all the finances of all these companies.

Manipulation of Funds

In a video and interview to ABP mazha DSK claims that unlike other builders he prefers to take FD holders as partners instead of using other means of finances.

 But looking at the company's finances and after communicating with financial institutions and customers, it appears that more than 1000 crores of rupees were disbursed to DSK through these Chanel  for project construction activities.

However not even 10 % of the disbursed amount was used for actual construction purpose because his entire project work is stalled for many months.

If that money was not used for construction then it was certainly not used for repayment of FD holders because they are still fighting for their even thousand rupees every day.

And crores of rupees of payment of contractors and suppliers is still due with the company! Then the question remains is where did that money go?

Even the customers are complaining that more than 80% of their housing loan amount is disbursed without their consent but there is no work going on at the sites and not even 10% work is done at sites and the possession of their apartments are delayed by years! 

Flat buyers will have to keep a close watch on the committed dates of possession of the RERA registered projects of DSK!


More important question is when there was not even 10% work in progress on ground then how come financial institutes disbursed 80 % of the loan amount to DSKDL? 

That indicates that these financial companies were also had hand in glove with DSKDL.

It's a big surprise that how they were able to service the interest of the investors earlier because there is no source of income to these companies other than Fixed Deposits! 

There is no permission from RBI or SEBI to raise Fixed Deposits and the investors are not even made aware of it!

The FD holders of his public limited company have little bit guarantee to get some of the invested money back but what about the personal companies where there no security to the investors of getting back even a single rupee or their invested amount.

Murky Deals

Here is another manipulation by DSKDL family with a big Loss to the Shareholders and Public Authorities!

There was a company known as Oyster Promoters & Developers Pvt Ltd, owned by HNP and  Ashwani D. Kulkarni .

Oyster Company was created by Kulkarni Family to take advantage of DSKDL at a loss for shareholders. 

This  company owned some defence and forest reservation land and was a loss making company.

Yet DSK went ahead and merged this loss making Oyster whose land was worth not more than some lac rupees was merged  to DSKDL by issuing 38 lac shares of DSKDL worth more than 40 crores at that time.

Interestingly as per 2006 offer document HNP has 98 %  in Oyster Company and Ashwini Kulkarni and Talekar have 1 % each.

However when Oyster merged with the DSKDL 15.2 Lac shares worth more than 20 crores were transferred to HNK and her son Shirish Kulkarni.

One can observe the manipulated Shareholding Pattern of 38 lac shares and how those landed in the hands of DSKDL Family Members.

HDK who was a minor shareholder earlier in DSKDL grown richer by 15.2 lac shares from Oyster merger and also another 8,18,307 shares she claims to have received as a gift from unnamed entity as shown on NCD prospectus 2014 .

Dubious Share Transfers 

Another surprising & questionable shareholding of approximately 15 lac DSKDL shares is by Shirish Deepak Kulkarni. 

Question is when HNP was partner in Oyster what shares were transferred to HDK and when Shirish was not remotely concerned with oyster then why 15.2 lac shares were transferred to him.?

Loss To Company,  profit to Family

There is an institute known as DSK Global, Pune, earlier owned by Family members of DSKDL. 

When the institute started showing losses, DSKDL made it a subsidiary of DSKDL thus passing the family loss to shareholders.

And now DSKDL has given bank guaranty of 100 crores for loan obtained by DSK Global.

The DSKDL annual report of 2016 itself they admit that they have sold off almost all their land bank at Dhayari, Kirkatwadi and Balewadi and today other than Fursungi, they don’t have any other land remaining but they are claiming to have huge land bank worth 10000 crores!

Another shocking thing is First they siphoned off 165 crores to D S kulkarni and company from fursungi land and now committing 300 crore rupees against 5,00,000 sq ft of DSKDL's own dream city project!

So whatever money DSKDL is supposed to earn has already been planned to divert to HDK and her Shirish through D.S. kulkarni and company.

Interestingly DSKDL has indemnified  all these companies from any losses or damages putting all the liabilities on DSKDL

Employees crying foul

Since last few months DSKDL’s staffs is crying foul.

Few months’ back staff strength was close to 1500 now has been reduced to 40 only.

Since last many months they have not been paid any salaries to employees.

Not even d their TDS returns has not been cleared by DSKDL

Why DSK family is doing all this?

The reason and outcome of DSKDL family actionss reflect in share holding pattern of DSKDL.

HNP/HDK  is now major shareholder after DSK and if we count Shirish Kulkarni’s shares then total is more than DSK’s shares.

Along with her sisters by siphoning off money from DSKDL , they have grown richer by crores of rupees.

And DSK himself wanted to be like Hiranandani.

In email to after my last post on DSKDL one ex. employee wrote to me ‘Twice I asked him (DSK)  before joining that Why You want to hire me ? As per current records you have 95% Maharashtra’s whereas I am Sindhi. He proudly told me, I have noticed How Hiranandani, Rahejas progressing in Mumbai. Now I don’t want any "Marathi speaking person" I chose U out of 70 candidates who came to my office and sat/waited 4 hours for interview “

He was briefly in DSKDL for 4 months?.

Investors, Banks, Depositors, flat buyers, suppliers, employees everybody is crying for their money. Then Mr.DSK where did all that money go?.

Land cruiser, flat in trump tower business class air tickets for family and so on, the list is very big. DSK and his family member are enjoying lavish life style at the cost of these peoples’ money.

No Mr. DSK it is not your family matter. All that money you are enjoying belongs to public.

And you have to return it to them!

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